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About Ksr

The Institution of KSR in Bangladesh is the most prestigious Professional Organization of the country. It is registered under the B includes all disciplines of engineering. Since its establishments, KSR has been promoting and disseminating knowledge and practice of engineering and science. On of the major goal of KSR is to ensure the professional excellence and continuous professional development of the engineers in the country. It has also been working relentlessly to establish close and co-operation with the other professional bodies both in Bangladesh.

The Institutions mission has always been to serve the teeming millions through the practice of engineering science and continuously improving the professional standards of its members. The KSR as a Professional forum of engineers also addresses the common problems confronting the engineers.

Aims and Objectives of KSR

  • Promote and advance the practice and business of engineering in all its branches throughout Bangladesh and abroad.
  • Promote efficiency in the engineering practices and profession.
  • Regulate the professional activities and assist in maintaining high standards in the general conduct of its members.
  • Help in the acquisition and interchange of technical knowledge among its members.
  • Promote the professional interests and social welfare of its members.
  • Promote the study of engineering with a view to disseminating information obtained, for facilitating scientific, engineering and economic development of Bangladesh.
  • Co-operate with various Industrial and Commercial Enterprises connected with engineering and advising them in matters concerning the profession and practices of engineering and promotion of technical education.

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